2 Russian Air Show Maks 2017

Russian Air Show Maks 2017

Posted on July 27, 2017 by tim

Russian blogger Deletant went to the last day of the MAKS-2017 Russian air show. This would be the last MAKS airshow as they stop doing it. In 2019 they play to have something similar but it won’t be MAKS he says. So take a look what they had to show this time. Thanks to Deletant for his photos.

Those are Russian drones made in Tatarstan.

Most Russian drone.


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2 Responses to “Russian Air Show Maks 2017”

  1. Lipto says:

    Had my comment deleted for “Spam”. So.

    Nice pics. Cool Story Bro.

    Bite me.

  2. Peter Thompson says:

    Huge ‘Wow’ factor here ………… mind boggling!

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