3 17 Examples of Russian Redneck Engineering

17 Examples of Russian Redneck Engineering

Posted on July 19, 2017 by tim

People say here in Russia that we are very creative when it comes to a need. And need can come to anyone so here are a twenty-two examples of a Russian person in need gets creative and fixes his everyday life issues. So here are seventeen Russian redneck lifehacks to ease your everday life. Like, if you don’t want to spend ruble for an expensive yacht, just take an old UAZ van body and place it on an old boat. Congratulations, you’ve got a yacht!


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3 Responses to “17 Examples of Russian Redneck Engineering”

  1. Douglas says:

    So clever…..I would never think of these things…..Russian are so smart.

  2. Helppo Heikki says:

    Most of these innovations are clever and funny, but also tells the story of poor standard of living in Russia.

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