4 Rich kids of Russia photos

Rich kids of Russia photos

Posted on July 11, 2017 by tim

But also guns, black SUVs and more things like this.

Roll Royce seems to be a must for every rich family in Russia now.


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4 Responses to “Rich kids of Russia photos”

  1. Slaven says:

    2nd page 2nd photo. I would stuff her ass so hard.

  2. Slaven says:

    I wonder how Andropov would feel right now after seeing what pushing traitor gorbachev to the top of USSR has done to Russia. Basically stupid rich kids of Russia are indirectly sponsoring terrorism against their own country by spending a sea of money in Arab terrorist states. What an idiocy.

  3. Benjamin Morgentau says:

    I look for the purpose this people might have. Are there any good ones for the rest of us?

  4. Me says:

    Feel sorry for these kids, all they know is how to spend daddy’s money, stupid fathers for not putting thes kids through a proper education and showing them how to treat their priveleged position in the world with respect.
    What happens when daddy’s money runs out?

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