3 Soviet Sci-Fi Mag Predicts Future

Soviet Sci-Fi Mag Predicts Future

Posted on June 29, 2017 by tim

Soviet magazine “Tekhnika Molodezhi” (“Youth’s Technics”) was sort of Soviet “Popular Mechanics” mag. Was covering newest technological topics and also always tried to speak about technologies of the nearest future.

Every issue of the mag tried to predict how 21st century would look like. Here are some of the predictions. Let’s start with the earliest magazine issues and gradually move forward to late 1970s to see how 21st century predictions changed as 20th century technologies evolved.

In 1933 there was a first issue of the magazine. Here it’s first prediction, of course it was a flying car. In 1933 it was thought to be like this.


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3 Responses to “Soviet Sci-Fi Mag Predicts Future”

  1. Slaven says:

    Wow. Some very weird ideas. Rail – powered plane must be one of the most not- so bright ideas I ever saw.

  2. Chad Mool says:

    Amazing. Some planes got real in the 1940s. I can identify a Focke-Wulf 189, a Bf-109…

  3. udi says:

    i think some of these ideas became very close to real things. cool stuff

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