38 Today, Seventy-Six Years Ago First Days of Russia in World War 2

Today, Seventy-Six Years Ago First Days of Russia in World War 2

Posted on June 22, 2017 by tim

On this day, seventy-six years ago, Hitler started his invasion of the USSR. June 22, 1941, 4:00 am in the morning, Nazi forces crossed the Soviet border and started moving into the Soviet state. Airplanes were bombing major Russian cities and airfields. Nazi troops occupied cities and villages. They say the army and the people of the USSR were not ready for this war. It was very chaotic everywhere. Here are some shots taken around the USSR during the first days of that war.


Soviet citizens listening to a government announcement about the Nazi invasion.


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38 Responses to “Today, Seventy-Six Years Ago First Days of Russia in World War 2”

  1. Antek says:

    Why don’t you publish pictures from 17 September 1939?

  2. Antek says:

    Did not know, nazi tanks had a red star on their turrets. Who made this description?

  3. Katarzyna Klejne says:

    Why the “Nazis”? It was GERMANY!

  4. Adam says:

    Kurwa mac people what a bullshit, ZSRR first day WWII were on 17th September 1939!!!

    • Mr. Brady. says:

      …”Kurwa mac people what a bull…”. Wrong. Nobody declared war against the USSR on that date.

      • Curious says:

        You’re right. Soviet fuckers attacked agains Poland and later 30.11.1939 against Finland.
        No one declared war against USSR, because they attacked first.

        • Mr. Brady says:

          You have to say thanks to your Adolf, who ceded to the Soviets almost half the Baltic Coast in that nice pact signed by Ribbentrop and Stalin in person. But then Adolf attacked the Soviets in 1941, and in the end was oblitarated and horribly defeated…

          If nobody else declared war against the Soviets in 1939, you should tell that to the Brits and the French, not to me.

          …”No one declared war against USSR, because they attacked first….”. They declared war on your Adolf, who broke peace deals in Munich, invaded Chechoslovakia and did attack Poland first, despite loud, public warnings. The Soviets entered Poland when the Wehrmacht was already in Warsaw.

          You didn’t know?

        • Asmodeus says:

          Poland attacked first Soviet Ukraine in the 1920’s, and paranopid Stalin never forgot.

          The Soviets attacked Finland (ceded by Hitler as “Soviet Area of Influence” in that nice, jolly pact).

          A pact broken by Adolf, and that bet against the USSR ended up horribly: it cost his life, his wife’s and destroyed his nation, inmersed in his “superior” genocidal madness. Yes, Soviets fought back and won.
          I guess you love to forget that part…
          Bad Gamble!

  5. Mr. Brady. says:

    It was Nazi Germany.
    You point is…(?),

  6. Terrence Odgers says:

    I can’t believe the stupidity that has come from some of the commenters regarding past history. OK! So lets’ put the record straight shall we?

    Both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia signed a Non-Aggression pact in 1939 but both countries then invaded Poland and killed untold millions of Poles in the process – the slaughter that happened then is past history and while that human travesty should never be forgotten, it must never be relived, even if there are those who cannot forgive, and if we are to survive on this planet together we should at least attempt to try and get along. And for anyone interested, I am Australian.

    • Ball Breaker says:

      –…”both countries then invaded Poland and killed untold millions of Poles in the process …”. –Wrong. Nazis killed some 3 Million CIVILIAN Poles alone in only 4 years of ‘occupation’. And caused some additional 2 Million military deaths in Poland only. No other country could reach the “superior” Nazi level of insane savagery in that war.

      Now, go eahead, please let us know how many “millions” of Poles were killed by the Soviets in that time (according to you, of course). Hurry!

      -…”OK! So lets’ put the record straight…”– LoL

  7. Terrence Odgers says:

    Oh, a hair splitter are you? I would suggest if you wish to satisfy yourself with the correct numbers of Soviet inflicted deaths you would need to go back through the archives of the NKVD or better still, you could simply watch the movie, Katyn, or at least do some research!

    • Ball Breaker says:

      …”watch the movie, Katyn, or…”. –Try Babi Yar. Happy Nazis killed and buried there 5+ times more people (in Katyn, there were NO civilians, but perhaps you’re more sensible to dead military officers, than mass mirdered ‘soviet’ kids and ordinary Ukrainian folks). Or, perjaps, you really need to watch movies to ‘learn’ something…

      Now, if you still don’t know how many “millions” of Poles were killed by “Soviet Russia”, no problem. You can always follow your own ‘advice’ first, before writing crap here.

      So, how many Poles died in WW2? According to you? According to whom? Still don’t know?

      Don’r worry, I’m a patient guy…

      …”Oh, a hair splitter are you?…”. –LoL.

  8. Terrrence Odgers says:

    Hey Ball Breaker why don’t you look up some real history instead of pretending to know of what you write? And yes, you are a hair splitter who takes what I have written to twist it into something you believe I may have meant.

    Real HISTORY shows that the Soviets rounded up and executed Teachers, Lawyers, Priests, Military Officers, Polish Government and Court officials, Doctors and many other professional people – no one knows the exact numbers, that is why I wrote the Nazis and the Soviets killed millions – meaning between both sides, yet you only target what the Nazis did.

    I have come across your smarmy attitude before where people like you refuse to acknowledge what the Soviets did in the Ukraine, Poland, to their own people and all the other countries that they took control of prior to, during and immediately after, World War two.

    Your distorted view of history as it really occurred is probably more from your indoctrination that the Soviets were the lesser of the two evils of National Socialism and Communism when the TRUTH is that the Soviets killed tens of millions of people including their own.

    Wake up to Socialism and where it leads to before its too late for you!

    • Ball Breaker says:

      ….”Real HISTORY shows that the Soviets rounded up and executed Teachers, Lawyers….”. –Really? So, how many Poles were killed by “Soviet Russia” (according to you, of course)? Still don´t know?? LOL.

      …”no one knows the exact numbers, that is why I wrote the …”. –Wrong. The Poles and the Germans know, and have published a lot about it. But if you like to show off your ignorance, please keep it going! Fun to watch.

      FYR, According to the Poles themselves, Nazis killed some 5 Million Poles alone, most of them Civilians, in just 5 years. Without counting whatever number of jewish folks in that country. As said, nobody can beat the Nazi level of carnage in that war.

      But if you disagree, well, your numbers? Still working on them?
      Hurry! Its not so difficult…



      • Terrence Odgers says:

        Your smugness in assuming that someone is able to come up with an accurate figure for how many died at Nazi and Soviet hands belies your real ignorance on the issue.

        Even in the Nazi death camps the real figures for the dead are estimations only, specifically for those not considered Jews – Gypsies, Communists, Homosexuals etc.

        And in your haste to only apportion blame to the Nazis as being unable to be beaten for a specific level of ‘carnage’ you ignore what the Soviets did, and as history shows, is a far greater level of ‘carnage’ as you put it.

        For instance; In the Ukraine during the early 1930s, the ethnic population were deliberately starved, many dying from malnutrition when Stalin took all their grain – an estimation of at least three million people lost their lives – but you refuse to even consider that.

        And maybe you could read up how many the Soviet Gulags killed, but from what you have dodged so far when it comes to the crimes against humanity of the Soviets I just know you will no go there.

        That would be too big a pill of Truth for you to swallow!

        I note that you are not able to refute my claim as to what the Soviets did in Poland – so instead you choose to target ‘numbers’ killed as some kind of yardstick for one side’s excesses of inhumanity over the other side.

        Where is your empathy for those who suffered under the Nazis and the Soviets? Are you completely bereft of simple humanity? In order to win this argument you stoop to giving numbers to the dead – how very Communistic of you! That is really scraping the bottom of the barrel in this correspondence – but I’ll bet that kind of thinking doesn’t even bother you such is your indoctrination!

        You are just another indoctrinated fool who readily drinks the kool aid not wishing to step outside the Collective box you have been trained to live in.

        When you can quote what all Socialist systems did against humanity during the 20th Century and are still doing into the 21st Century in China and North Korea, then come back and have another go at me, until then your view of history remains scant due to your knowledge being based in ideology and is not worth responding to!

        • Ball Breaker says:

          …”assuming that someone is able to come up with an accurate figure for how many died at Nazi and Soviet hands….”. –The Poles did. Go ahead, ask them, or don’t be lazy and actually read something about this. If you don’t know the numbers, don’t blame me. Blame your ignorance.

          …”blame to the Nazis as being unable to be beaten for a specific level of ‘carnage’ you ignore what the Soviets did….”. –You wrote nobody can’t count the victims in WW2 (which you know is false), so make up your mind, boy.

          You can’t get educated by watching emotional movies only, kid. Have you ever read… something?

          …”You are just another indoctrinated fool who …”. –Huh? Your numbers? Nothing yet?

          And now, cry some more…


          • Terrence Odgers says:

            You cannot refute anything I have put up, but you want ‘numbers’.

            You must look for numbers under your bed at night before turning in you seem to be so obsessed by them.

    • Oscar Goldman says:

      Instead of fantasizing about your opponent, write down your number, or please embarrass yourself some more.

      This is fun.

      • Terrence Odgers says:

        Maybe your idea of ‘fun’ is based more in your inability to provide any reasonable critique to what I write?

        • Oscar Goldman says:

          Write down your numbers or keep embarrssing yourself, lazy boy. Fun to watch.

          • Terrence Odgers says:

            I hope then that you are enjoying yourself because you add nothing to this thread at all except sarcasm which is the lowest form of wit.

        • Cover me, Porkins! says:

          You can find the number of Poles killed by the Nazi ‘occupation’ even in the wikipedia (based on Polish and western records). Also the nuimber of people killed in WW2 by each party. But its clear you prefer to whine here nonsense and fantasie things. Sure way to FAIL.


        • Jeanne says:

          So Terrence, how many poles were killed? Your number? Toó lazy to look for it?
          Even a child can find that info. LOL. You know, you’re already a kind of entertainment here.

          • Terrence Odgers says:

            So you believe I should play your game of the highest number of murders wins the most Crimes against Humanity prize? Do some research and stop believing the lies that Soviet Russia was any better than Nazi Germany – two sides of the one coin!

  9. Cover me, Porkins! says:

    I love these Russophobic (and some wannabe “nazi”) commenters here. They want to forget that it was the Soviet Union who destroyed Nazi Germany’s might and crushed the racist, Genocidal Nazism for good.

    According to the German records, of all the Nazi Germany’s military deaths in WW2, more than 80% were killed in the Soviet Front alone. Yes, 80%!

    Well done!

  10. Chac Mool says:

    The courage of the Soviet People at fighting back and beating the Nazi war machine was unmatched, and that was recogniozed at the time by all western leaders.

    • Terrence Odgers says:

      You do realize that the Soviet Army had rear special battalions that shot any Russian soldier from the front who retreated?

      But you keep on living that lie you’ve been brainwashed with.

  11. Chac Mool says:

    …”I have left the obvious, essential fact to this point, namely, that it is the Russian Armies who have done the main work in tearing the guts out of the German army. In the air and on the oceans we could maintain our place, but there was no force in the world which could have been called into being, except after several more years, that would have been able to maul and break the German army unless it had been subjected to the terrible slaughter and manhandling that has fallen to it through the strength of the Russian Soviet Armies”.

    —Winston Churchill, Speech in the House of Commons, 2 August 1944, “War Situation”

    • Terrence Odgers says:

      In your promotion of the then USSR you omit that if it was not for the Lend Lease arrangements between the USSR and the British and Americans who supplied the bulk of war materiel to the Soviets, and the thousands of American and Canadian sailors who lost their lives on the convoys to Murmansk, the Germans would have been in Moscow before winter of 1941 had well and truly set in.

      The Soviet armies were obliterated after Barbarossa and in retreat and only for the intervention of the Western allies, Soviet Russia would have been defeated.

      That is history and just because I put up history does not mean that I support one side over the other – It is just history to me and to which many on this thread lack a perspective of.

  12. Terrence Odgers says:

    You quote Churchill concerning the Soviet Army? So what is your point?

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