0 Life of Russian Students in Pictures

Life of Russian Students in Pictures

Posted on June 20, 2017 by tim

Since the study year is ending now, students return home for the summer break here are some photos from their every day life throughout the year. Naughty and playful, serious and same time very adventurous Russian students know how to have fun, and we have it all here:

Student was always considered a hungry person in USSR and they tried to save every penny or copeck to get more food. This photo sums it up – package of a cheap instant ramen and some change for more ramen

Or saving on electricity to cook and heat same time.

Drying up socks

Protecting plates from fellow students

Or protecting food from other hungry students.

Heating up food with a kitchen kettles.

Trying to find peaceful minute for yourself in a dorm room.

That smell of food..

..and neglected dirty plates afterwards.

Trying to study.

Hosting a friend or two in their room.

“Don’t touch the eggs Alexei Kuzmich” gets also a double meaning as eggs is balls in Russian.

More padlocks for security purposes.

Getting some science knowledge is useless if you can’t use it on practice. Making moonshine alcohol in a bathroom – it’s a practical chemistry.

All those messy rooms.

Where ramen, bread wires and more all messed up together.

Sleeping outside the room is also an option if it’s a New Year Party.

Women have their challenges too.

Sweet 21.

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