16 Wall on the Ukraine Russia Border

Wall on the Ukraine Russia Border

Posted on June 18, 2017 by tim

Ukraine started to build wall on the Russian-Ukrainian border. Before there was no actual border and people wandered around if they knew their way. Now they call Russian “an agressor” and build a wall.

According some sources around $23 million already been spent to make this wall.


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16 Responses to “Wall on the Ukraine Russia Border”

  1. Indy says:

    “they call Russian “an agressor”” : well, I guess that when you annex part of the territory and wage war in others, that’s indeed what you are…

    • Fred says:

      Mmmm… I guess when a country suffers a foreign-supported coup, or “regime change”, and it’s people starts to secede, you don’t need ‘agressors’. Those foreign friends were enough to divide and wreck the country even more.

      Just look at wrecked Ukraine today and enjoy the ‘awesome’ results.

        • Fred says:

          Manty links here!

          …”In autumn 2013, Russia warned Ukraine that if it went ahead with a planned agreement on free trade with the EU, it would face financial catastrophe and possibly the collapse of the state…”. –And that’s exactly what happened. Includiong the ‘European’ refusal to include Ukraine in the EU for the coming decades… I stand by all I have written here.
          Bad Gamble!


          • audeamus says:

            the only foreign friends in the Ukraine were Russia after corrupt Viktor Yanukovych was kicked out of Ukraine
            for the refusal to sign the agreement of the European Union Association Agreement.
            Viktor Yanukovych wanted to sign the Customs Union of Russia after Vladimir Putin paid him millions

            • Fred! says:

              So, Nuland (with her cookies) is not your friend?

              And for the European refusal to admit Ukraine in the EU, the only ones to blame are the ‘Europeans’ themselves. Admitting Ukraine was never on their mind. So, that revolt in Kiev was for absolutely nothing…. and today the country is worse than ever. Sad…
              Try harder next time!

  2. audeamus says:

    maybe Ukraine is calling russia an aggressor is because russia invaded the Ukraine

  3. Darkness_99 says:

    Interesting, the land border between Russia and Ukraine is something like 1200 miles long, what part of it is fortified, how will it stop the military superpower (that is, Russia) from invading, and how much money the Ukraine’s super corrupted officials stole on building it?

  4. Slaven says:

    Ukronazis are dumb beyond belief.

    1st they glorified Nazis which thought of them ( actually of all Slavic nations ) as of a 3rd class citizens which should be kept in at a very far distance from civilization doing menial and trivial jobs for “superior” fantasy Arian nations.

    2nd they want to make war with the very people who managed to liberated the country which actually USSR ( and primarily Russians ) created for their Slavic brothers. They associate themselves with the US which took illegaly and without a trail a bunch of murdering German Nazis which hate them to this very day.

    You cant make that up. Reality is way more bizarre than and scripted story for movie making purposes.

    Ukrainians have proven one thing. They have no honor or brain.

    Putin shouldve stomped those idiotic Nazis way back when they started killing police officers on the street.

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