5 Never Seen Before Photos of Newest Russian Army Cabrio ZIL AMG

Never Seen Before Photos of Newest Russian Army Cabrio ZIL AMG

Posted on May 11, 2017 by tim

This is a Russian army cabrio ZIL 41041 AMG. It’s used on Russian parades on the Red Square mainly. Those are very rare cars and let’s see them in detail.

Those cars are used by Russian army and has army style plates – white letters and numbers on black background. They are numbered with 0001 0002 and 0003 and MO letters meaning “Ministersvo Oboroni” – Department of Defense.

77 RUS means Moscow.

Only three of such cars exist. Two are being used on the parades and one is a back-up car always nearby in a secret place in case of any kind of unpredicted malfunction.


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5 Responses to “Never Seen Before Photos of Newest Russian Army Cabrio ZIL AMG”

  1. Douglas says:

    Yes, a very strange hybrid car that’s actually a clone made from the parts of foreign pickup trucks and various automobile parts from other nations. The lovely Russian army cabrio ZIL 41041 AMG…a car that has been resurrected from the dead.
    The mystery engine…does anyone here know? It also appears that the tires are slightly under-inflated, which would give the commander a soft mushy ride.

  2. john dudley says:

    Very interesting to see, i think it is a pretty cool car,i did see a show on how it was put together that ZIL plant once employed a lot of people, sad to see it gone and with that there changed live’s because of it’s demise.

  3. uaz-man says:

    What that AMG means? I dont beleave its “Aufrecht Melcher Großaspach”, Mercedes-Benz owned trademark. ASC (American Sunroof Company) make convertible roofs, cat it be misspelled?

  4. javox says:

    if my memory isnt so wrong few years ago, in the post of the zil factory they showed this car all splited up and abandoned, i cant remember where did i see it but i remember like it was yestarday i already saw in an old post, its really nice the car finally was finished, beside they could used parts from others car, still very nice

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