1 Only in Russia Photos Part 4

Only in Russia Photos Part 4

Posted on May 2, 2017 by tim

Another collection of “Only in Russia” photos. Enjoy!

New Russian fashion.

This was a freshly laid just one year ago on the railway station. One year later this is a result.

Just a kids playground in Yakutsk, Russia this April.

When just Adidas is not enough.

Find a cat.

“She was flirting with my man”

“Happy Victory Day”, Russia is strongly against gays (supposedly)

Going to school in Russia.

Putting vodka in plastic water bottle and selling it for vodka price at night when it’s prohibited to sell alcohol.

Slavic bride.

Dirty car art is seem to be a new trend lately.

That’s another way to get into Guiness book.


Tire art.

Russian pie.

Smiley face.

“Marxism is eternal, because it’s correct”. Windows xp as well.

“want some communism boy?”

Some people bring their horses with them into a lobby.

Woman made a furry Lenin.

Ambulance embeded into ambulance station.

“Designer firewood” for $8.

Another girl on her way to school.

Spiderman in Russia.


Going home in Russia.

Modern Russian dolls.

Hope you liked this new compilation!


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  1. Douglas says:

    The failed walkway at train station. No budget for foundation?

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