3 Nice Photos of Russian Victory Day Parade Night Rehearsal

Nice Photos of Russian Victory Day Parade Night Rehearsal

Posted on May 2, 2017 by tim

Victory Day (May 9th) parades are every year event in Moscow however photos from these events are pretty nice, especially from the night rehearsals – when army vehicles move across empty streets, pretty nice sight. Also this is the only way for regular people to see the newest Russian military vehicles so up close. Not every year the newest vehicles being brought to parades but this year they have some nice one, say the photographer Bluesmaker from Moscow. Let’s see his photos here:

This is BTR (APC) “Boomerang”.

Huge intercontinental “Yars” missile.

Inside this “box” there is a 23 meter missile that can carry up to four nuclear heads, in total of 300 kiloton of TNT equivalent. For example Chirosima bomb was only 18 kiloton and the damage was great, just imagine how much damage makes 300 kiloton rocket.

They say currently Russian army has eighty of those.

Armored vehicle “Tigr” (Tiger). Pity they don’t sell civic versions of those.

And this is a S-300 anti aircraft system, same the Syria gets now.

Look at the design, comes straight from Sci-Fi movies.

Soldiers are bored waiting for the parade rehearsal to begin.

Pantzir S anti aircraft on KAMAZ truck.


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3 Responses to “Nice Photos of Russian Victory Day Parade Night Rehearsal”

  1. WWtS says:

    The Arctic camouflage is probably because Russia, Finland and Norway are in a dispute over certain areas in the Far North, due to the fact they’re rich in oil. Plus, back in the Soviet times, the Chinese made several threats to invade Siberia, due to strained relations with the USSR, and now that China is growing in strength, and due to the fact it’s already clashing with Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines over maritime areas in the Far East, the Russian authorities feel a little bit nervous about their largest neighbour.
    Though yes, the white camo would probably do pretty well in Syria, especially in urban combat (in destroyed cities, where everything is covered with dust).

  2. uaz-man says:

    Finland has not demanded any territory outside its territory. That’s propaganda.

  3. Douglas says:

    People trying to sleep….such a noise all night. No need to street-practice…just make sure the fuel tanks are topped off.

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