7 Russian latest ice-breaker Novorossiysk

Russian latest ice-breaker Novorossiysk

Posted on April 28, 2017 by tim

This is the Russian latest Arctic ice breaker “Novorossiysk”. It was exhibited during last Arctic Forum Expo in Russia and Oleg, the photographer, got chance to visit it and made some photos inside and outside. Let’s take a look.

This ship is a part of a 21900M icebreakers family, including a few others, all named after Russian cities: Murmansk, Vladivostok etc.

This is a captain’s workplace.

Main dashboard.

Helicopter pad.

The ship has 15 Megawatt power plant inside!

And this is an engine.


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7 Responses to “Russian latest ice-breaker Novorossiysk”

  1. Adriaan Maes says:

    I would love to spend some time on a ship like this :) Looks really impressive.

  2. Douglas says:

    I noticed the ”hospital bed” in one of the cabins. Nothing has changed in over 100 years. Russian hospital beds are still primitive. You have to be tough to be Russian.

    • Asmodeus says:

      Nothing has changed? Perhaps you live in parallel dimension.

      A Russian Ice Breaker is no Carnival cruise ship. You have to tough to be in one.

    • www says:

      The hospital on the icebreaker is needed for first aid, until a helicopter arrives or non-flying weather. If something serious, then the patient goes to the mainland – the icebreaker has a helipad.

      • Douglas says:

        Oh, I thought that they could do major surgery on the ship…such as open-heart operations. Thanks for the update.
        Yes, I live in a ”parallel dimension” ….call it reality.

        BTW, my comment above is not a criticism…its just an observation. Russian doctors are excellent.

        • Asmodeus says:

          …”I thought that they could do major surgery on the ship…such as open-heart operations…”. -LOL. In an IceBreaker vessel?

          Please tell us more about that “reality” of yours, where helicopters from “1916” carry patients to mainland hospitals. Go ahead.

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