0 Winter Oceanic Crabs Fishing in Chukotka Russia

Winter Oceanic Crabs Fishing in Chukotka Russia

Posted on April 24, 2017 by tim

You probably didn’t know but Russian fishermen catch crabs during winter too. The process is pretty simple – just go to the ice covered sea surface, make a hole and put a string with a bait. After a short while crabs start arriving and you can just pull them out. Then you can freshly cook it. This is sort of Russian Northern people barbecue – but you don’t need to take meats with you, just catch it. Let’s take a look:

This is how it looks from the air – a village and a frozen sea.

Here is a sign: “Attention: Strictly prohibited to drive on ice”.

But it doesn’t stop anyone from proceeding. It’s funny but many fishermen go to get their crabs on a local taxi.

Typical Chukotka landscape with an Eskimo igloo. Chukotka is bordering Alaska so no wonder.

After you arrived you got get a little walk on foot too.


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