4 Era of Abundance in USSR

Era of Abundance in USSR

Posted on April 24, 2017 by tim

End of 1940s and beginning of the 1950s is considered to be another “Golden Era” of the Soviet country. War is over, country was recovering fast and was rebuilding everything. Soviet people who lived at that time said they were experiencing nice feelings about future and were very optimistic. Some say that there was very big abundance. Let’s see how it looked like:

Moscow largest shop opened after reconstruction. First customers in perfume section, 1954.

Celebrating 800 years of Moscow. 1947.

Selling breads and bread products actively first year after the ration food marks were abolished. 1947.

New residential complexes built for GAZ auto factory workers.


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4 Responses to “Era of Abundance in USSR”

  1. Douglas says:

    I would not call a five year waiting list to buy a car….abundance. Yes, there was an abundance of products but the quantities were generally quite small. People were relatively happy overall and many have good memories of the 1950s. It was only when news from the west revealed that most Soviet citizens were living a low standard of life compared to the people of Europe and America, that Russian became restless with their controlled economy.

    • Mr. Brady says:

      …”when news from the west revealed that most Soviet citizens were living a low standard..l.”. Yes, then “reforms” were implemented and everybody was truly starving and worse than ever.

      • Slaven says:

        gorbachev and his belazheva gang sabotaged USSR on behalf of Tacher and Reagan and in return for organizing oligarchs in all ex USSR states. USSR was a beautiful place to live when compared to chaotic hell of the Russia in the 90s.

  2. Dragi says:

    I’d rather wait 5 years for a car, than have my kid gunned down by his fellow classmate in a school, all the while TV stations are broadcasting it live nation wide.

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