2 Abandoned Country: Photos of Abandoned Objects and Vehicles of USSR

Abandoned Country: Photos of Abandoned Objects and Vehicles of USSR

Posted on April 23, 2017 by tim

The heritage of the Soviet Union, results of USSR collapse or just some criminal neglect. Abandoned factories, military regiments, and even space ships. Country that doesn’t exist anymore, objects frozen in time. Just a few photos to get an idea of the big sad picture. Starting with a “DUGA” radio radar station in Pripyat Ukraine, that was finished in 1985 just one year before Chernobyl accident. It was used for early detection of ballistic missile launches.

It was of giant size, 140 m tall, 500 m in length. Over 200 tons of metal was used to build it. The station never was used and even didn’t pass the final tests.

A huge abandoned particle collider, in Moscow region.

“Revival island” – ghost town where, according to the rumours, biological weapons were tested. Fully autonomous city was urgently abandoned in early 1990s.

Kola Superdeep Borehole near Murmansk, deepest hole in the Earth in the world. It’s 12,262 meter deep. It’s diameter in it’s upper part is 92 cm , the most narrow part is 21.5 cm wide. This is photo from 1974.


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2 Responses to “Abandoned Country: Photos of Abandoned Objects and Vehicles of USSR”

  1. Slaven says:

    All of this is a result of gorbachevs lackeys called belazheva mobster trio. Together with gorbachev and some influential persons in the KGB and Soviet Army they sabotaged great USSR. With the help of western capitalistic mobsters they established oligarchs who to this very day rule ex Soviet countries.

    Soviet people have been cheated for eternity.

  2. peerer says:

    Thanks god that soviet nightmare ended.

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