15 Never Seen Before Photos of Interiors of Newest Russian ARMATA Tank

Never Seen Before Photos of Interiors of Newest Russian ARMATA Tank

Posted on April 20, 2017 by tim

Russian ARMATA tank is the newest Russian tank. Only exterior photos were published before. But now, thanks to a journalist effort, we’ve got to see what it looks from inside. Just a little time ago this was a very classified material!

ARMATA tank is actually not just a tank, it’s a tracked platform that is planned to build over 28 new vehicles on this platform.

It’s gonna get all the newest Russian achievements in tank building.

And here are the inside photos. This is a work place of a gunner.

And this is a driver’s seat. There is no steering wheel but rather a handwheel (in the middle with switches on it).


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15 Responses to “Never Seen Before Photos of Interiors of Newest Russian ARMATA Tank”

  1. john dudley says:

    That isn’t the inside of the Armata tank.

  2. Douglas says:

    All modern tanks look mostly the same on the inside. The insides are always very crowded, uncomfortable and claustrophobic.

  3. Jim says:

    What is it the inside of then? Maps well with official internal shots!

  4. Son of "Douglas" says:

    Uuh… All tanks are the same… All have a turret and tracks… Uuh….

  5. Mike says:

    Basically a little metal coffin for the crew. Worse with Armata, since the coffin is on the bottom. No access to the turret. I think this tank may be a big mistake. They rely on all those external sensors, just waiting to be damaged, shot off, obscured by mud, dirt, dust and then the crew inside becomes blind and helpless. In a coffin.

    • Guderian says:

      Probably you’re confusing this game-changer marvel tank with your mom’s Toyota.

      Please send your tremnendous ‘observations’ to NATO. Because they are scared as hell.

      • Jesper krog says:

        Scared as hell?? Your are a fnny little man.

      • Mike says:

        You Russians are full of self importance. The fact that you lost how many millions (10? 12?) of soldiers and almost got destroyed by Germans, before cold weather, bad German planning, and huge material support from the West saved your butts, does not make you a great warriors, as you like to think you are “Guderian”. All you know is how to die like sheep for the Mother Russia (NKVD kill squads in the back of line were also a powerful motivation). Anyway, I own a Toyota Sequoia, something you can only dream of. And NATO is not scared of you clowns. NATO only needs a reason to scare politicians into provide money for more and better weapons. Vastly better than Russia has or can afford.

        • Douglas says:

          Russia is a 3rd world country….the vast majority are very poor. They are at least 100 years behind the west.

          • Mike says:

            They are maybe 10-15 years behind. Russians of course have some very smart scientists and their share of successes, but the country is run by thieves and oligarchs and KGB men, who use the NATO threat as a means to keep themselves in power. Average Russian is fed stories about how great their country is and how outside evil is always planning to attack. They grow up their entire life with this constant propaganda, if you tell lie a 1000 times, it becomes the reality-truth. Just like Germans who bought into Hitlers propaganda.

            • Douglas says:

              Just look at the hospital beds in a Russian hospital in 2017…they are near identical to the beds seen during WWI….1916! Yes they have good doctors but the facilities are decrepit beyond belief.
              In 2005 a friend of mine had a stomach wound stitched up with upholstery thread….in a Moscow hospital. Due to corruption, that was all they had. It was ghastly. OK….they are at least 50 years behind the west.

  6. Mike says:

    Feeble minds stealing a war hero’s name. Game-changer marvel, yup, only in minds of naïve and gullible Russians. I hope Armata drivers can learn how to use this tank without having to call help from the factory mechanic and computer experts. Highly embarrassing. Russians have tens of thousands of old obsolete tanks, make some more of this 20th century technology. Americans will be frying it with directed energy weapons and killer robots. The only one who is scared is apparently Putin, he thinks that 300 Marines in Norway is a mortal danger to Russia. Comedian.

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