9 Shamrock: Russian most northern military base, exterior and interior photos

Shamrock: Russian most northern military base, exterior and interior photos

Posted on April 17, 2017 by tim


“Shamrock” is Russian newest and most Northern military base in the world. It has most permanent Northern building ever built. It can host over 150 people autonomously for over 18th month without resupply. It’s located on Frantz Joseph Land, it’s one of the most Northernmost parts of Russia – 192 small islands in a Northern Ocean, just 500 miles from the North Pole! Before we had some photos of the place, but now Russian ministry of defense declassified more photos and also for the first time ever showed interiors of the base so lets see them fresh and hot!

Before only polar bears lived here, and now humans do.

All vehicles used here are specially designed for Far Northern use.

Place has its own power plant which also is a central heating.

All buildings are painted in Russian flag color.

Normal windows and also round windows.

General view of the military base “Shamrock”.

The base even got its own wooden church.

From this illustration it’s clear why its called a “Shamrock”.


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9 Responses to “Shamrock: Russian most northern military base, exterior and interior photos”

  1. kwhunter says:

    I wonder if there is a plan to clean up the junk left in the arctic by soviet civilian and military activity? Creating more junk is easy, as we can see above, but nobody is talking of cleaning old junk, and there is plenty!

  2. Samuel says:

    f^&$ this is awesome

  3. Douglas says:

    This is located on Island Alexandra Land in Franz Josef Archipelago. I wonder how they keep 100+ people busy there? At least their accommodations appear to be clean and new. The round windows are rather novel. Seems like they told the soldiers to scram before these photos were taken,

  4. jon spencer says:

    Where is the banya / sauna?

  5. Douglas says:

    I would like to see the actual food they eat.

  6. 4y7478 says:

    where is armory ?

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