3 Most Crazy Russian Tattoos

Most Crazy Russian Tattoos

Posted on April 14, 2017 by tim

Tattoos are pretty widespread in modern day Russia. Of course many choose to ink some usual things, but some choose pretty much interesting Slavic or Russian stuff on it. Like this oversized huge Cheburashka having a crocodile on his leash on photo above. This post features some of the most weird Russian tattoos that feature some authentic Russian stuff:

Typical Russian princess girl with a AK-47 surrounded by something looking like poppy seed flowers.

“Have you got sunflower seeds?”

Self explaining.

Mishka (bear) on left was a symbol of Moscow Olympics 1980. Hard to read what he got on other hand.


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3 Responses to “Most Crazy Russian Tattoos”

  1. Rob Nordmann says:

    Men can do whatever they like With their body’s, but girls, please don’t tattoo your beautiful body, please, its disgusting.

  2. louisn says:

    Cats are called 貓頭鷹 in Chinese, which literally means ‘cat headed eagle’ . Now you know why they call it so.

  3. louisn says:

    Anyway, seems like pride of USSR is still very much alive. Are there many people who crave that period over post USSR? Or is it just hyped up nostalgia?

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