0 Lions Guard the City: Soviet Postcards Devoted to Lion Sculptures in St.Petersburg

Lions Guard the City: Soviet Postcards Devoted to Lion Sculptures in St.Petersburg

Posted on April 14, 2017 by tim

This is another set of Soviet postcards. Those were published in 1979 and are devoted to numerous lion sculptures of St.Petersburg.  During aristocratic Russian era in late 18th and 19th century there were quite a few of those were erected in St.Petersburg (it was a capital at time), but seems none of them were built during Soviet Era, probably lion wasn’t favoured by new regime.

This Lion is guarding a mansion entrance, was made in 1810.

This one was born in the end of 18th century.

Lion at Dvortsovaia (Palace) Embarkment, made in 1832.

Lion next to Yelagin Palace, 1832.

Lion at Yelagin Island, St.Petersburg, end of 18th century.

Lion at main entrance of State Russian Museum, 1824.

Lion fence at Sverdlovsk embankment in St.Petersburg. 18th century.

One particular lion from a previous Lion Fence.

Lion bridge over the Griboedov channel, St.Petersburg, 1825.

Lion at Obukhovskaia Oborona Ave, 1820.

Lion masks at the gates of Big Stroganoff Palace (almost Beef Stroganoff).

Lion at Suvorovski Ave. (beginning of XX century)

Lion mask at Spit of Vasilyevskiy Island, early 1800s.

Lion in Shuvalovski park, 1914.

Lion near a fountain on a Pulkovski Hill, 1807.

Lion next to a Stroganoff mansion, 1817.

Lion next to Leningrad Agrigulture Institute.

Lions next to Big West Palace in Pushkin town.

Lion on a Italian Stairs in Pavlovsk, 18th century.

Lion on Italian stairs in Pavlovsk.

Lion next to Mariental pool in Pavlovsk, early 19th century.

Lion mask on Theatrical gates in Pavlovsk. Made in 1802.

Lion near Voronchihin Columns in Petrodvorets. Made in 1803.

Samson tearing lion’s jaws in Petrodvorets (Peterhoff). 1800.

And this was the cover of those postcard set. Hope you liked those!


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