1 Golden Time of USSR: Year 1981

Golden Time of USSR: Year 1981

Posted on April 13, 2017 by tim

Late 1970s were considered to be golden era of Soviet Union. World War 2 is much behind, the country is already rebuilt. Oil prices were high, which brought stable income and inflow of dollars. Space program was on its top - new ships, new space stations, even sometimes a few manned ships were launched at same time. In fact, oil price was even higher than it's now - $90/barrel, which compared to $20 in 1990s was a blessing. Things were so good that USSR even moved its army into Afghanistan in 1980. So let's see some color photos from USSR - its best period:


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  1. Douglas says:

    It may have been good for the top echelon of bureaucrats but the common person was seething with anger at the constant lack of consumer goods that were enjoyed in the West. Women were often not able to buy something simple like makeup and lipstick. There was plenty of food but the supply was still state controlled. People were hungry for private ownership.

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