2 Rare Photos of Yuri Gagarin During His First Fifteen Hours After First Flight to Space

Rare Photos of Yuri Gagarin During His First Fifteen Hours After First Flight to Space

Posted on April 12, 2017 by tim

So since it’s “Cosmonautics Day” today in Russia which is devoted to first flight to space, let’s see some more interesting “Cosmonautics” photo. Namely we have here photos of Yuri Gagarin made during first fifteen hours after he returned from his first ever flight to space. First photo is made two hours after he landed.

Colonels and commanders that arrived to the Gagarin landing site on a helicopter.

During his flight he had a few technical problems, but final last landing process went like planned.  Here is Yuri arrived to the scientific facility for inspection.

Waiting for the call from the Kremlin in the office of science facility general.

What thoughts had the man in his head?

Still wearing his jumpsuit he was in during the space flight on “Vostok-1” rocket.

And here is Khruschev finally called and they are talking, for the first time of course.

Khruschev was a head of the Soviet state at time, so it’s like a call from a president. Yuri even risen on his foot.

After the phone call.

All local military and communist elite arrived to greet Yuri.


And then they went to have a dinner, here is Yuri with a waiter in the restaraunt.

Still in his jumpsuit and a line of local elite wanting to shake his hand, even in a restaraunt.

And then he leaves the small town and goes to Kuibishev (now Samara).

In Samara Yuri Gagarin met with the regular people for the first time after he landed.

The news already spread by Soviet and International mass media, but it’s just fifteen hours passed since his landing. Ahead he will have a huge trip around the world which would last a couple of years and bring him worldwide popularity. Happy Cosmonauts day!


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2 responses to “Rare Photos of Yuri Gagarin During His First Fifteen Hours After First Flight to Space”

  1. Chrisco says:

    Great post for a Great Man. This American views him as a world hero.

  2. kj says:

    Great collection of pics, however, the captions are absolute crap. All those pics were taken shortly after Gagarin’s landing (tens of minutes, few hours at maximum). He still has the blue inner insulation garment, the pics were taken prob’ly at local Soviet office in Saratov, before Yuri was escorted to Engels air base. Only afterwards he was flown to Samara.
    Anyway, thanks for posting these! 😉

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