2 Soviet Photographer Vladimir Zotov

Soviet Photographer Vladimir Zotov

Posted on April 11, 2017 by tim

Soviet photographer Vladimir Zotov, born in 1939, was spending most of his life photographing Soviet people. Worked as a photographer in Soviet newspapers. He remembers that newspapers in USSR were paying very little to their photographers, he lived mostly from side projects like photographing weddings, kids etc. However he kept working because he liked photography. Here are a few of his works:

Village “Shadki”. 1967.

Yuri Gagarin in Kazan, native town of the photographer.

Family in the village.

Suzdal city, known for its ancient Russian churches.

KAMAZ truck factory female workers, he says they called themselves “KAMAZons”.

Female grinder.

Village on a island. People line up to buy bread which is shipped here not very often. You can see girl bought three breads.

Autumn in a village.


Kazan. Cathedral of Paul and Peter. Workers play billiards.

Aerobics show on the Kazan central stadium.

Road workers in Kazan. Soviets had gender equality.

Kazan. Barbers contest.

Fitness break on a factory.

Lenin. They probably kill him for such a photo in USSR.

Kazan. Famous Soviet and then foreign dancer Rudolph Nuriev.

Hope you liked his photos!


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2 responses to “Soviet Photographer Vladimir Zotov”

  1. john dudley says:

    Great photo’s, with so many interesting face’s.

  2. sszzrr says:

    Professional photographer,people in USSR did have a beautiful mind in heart, not much shadow observed.

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