1 Russian Cosmonaut Grechko Dead at Age 85

Russian Cosmonaut Grechko Dead at Age 85

Posted on April 10, 2017 by tim

Georgiy Grechko was a legendary man in Russia. A cosmonaut, twice received “Hero of USSR” award, was appointed as a first Russian man to go to the Moon (never happened though). Three times he went to space, once was in an outer space, stayed for over 134 days on orbit.  “First days in space are always hard. All cosmonauts get motion sick, no matter how hard they trained and how meticilous was their selection process. First hours in space very hard to work. Very high blood pressure. It seems that you are being hanged up-side-down. So you can’t make sudden moves.” – remembers Georgiy Grechko about his experience in space. Let’s see and read some more:

“When you return from space, it’s hard to walk, hard to eat, hard to sleep. I always think: damn it! I won’t fly again! Never!”, remembered Georgiy. On the photo he is doing his morning excercise, year 1970.

Georgiy Grechko with his son.

Crew of Soyuz-17 ship during underwater training in the pool, 1975.

Crew of three Soviet spaceships connected on the orbit. The ships were Soyuz-26, Salyut and Soyuz-27. Year 1978.

Georgiy Grechko, on the left, during a winter fishing 1978.

Georgiy and an Indian cosmonaut during their marine training. 1983.

Soyuz 14 crew during their pre-flight training.

Soyuz T-13 landed in 1985 in Kazakhstan, Georgiy Grechko was part of the team.

Pope John Paul II and Georgiy Grechko. Vatican, 1987.


With a famous Soviet film director.

With a Russian actress.

Georgiy giving a lecture in a space museum, devoted to 50 years first flight to space, in 1961.

Georgiy presenting his book in a book store in 2013.



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  1. Brian Olson says:

    A vanishing breed of man. R.I.P.

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