0 Russian cities on 1711 old pictures of Nicolaas Witsen: Some of this cities don’t exist anymore

Russian cities on 1711 old pictures of Nicolaas Witsen: Some of this cities don’t exist anymore

Posted on April 10, 2017 by tim

Nicolaas Witsen was a famous Dutch person in 18th century. In fact he became  a mayor of Amsterdam thirteen times! In his free time he was cartographer, maritime writer, and an authority on shipbuilding, but most importantly he was an expert on Russian affairs. So he went to Russia and here are the pictures of Russian towns he brought back in year 1711. Interesting fact that some of the town he has visited at that time don’t exist now.

“Albazino” town. Now it’s a village with just 400 people living there.

Astrakhan again.

More Astrakhan.

More Astrakhan.

Berezov city totally destroyed by fire, not existing now.

Verkhoturie town. Small town now too – just 8,000 live there.

Map of the great Russian Volga river.

Yeniseysk town near Krasnoyarsk, in Siberia. Now population is 18,000.

Irkutsk city is pretty big now – 600,000 population.


Kamensky canon factory is the first Siberia factory that made canons and melted iron.

Krasnoyarsk city. Now is very big – over 1,000,000 Russian people inhabit the city. In Siberia too.

Kuznetsk, now known as Novokuznetsk – also a very large city in Siberia with population over 1,300,000 people.

Narym town. Now just a village with 800 people living.

Nerchinsk town in Siberia near the Baikal lake. Now population is 14,000 people.

Pelym town, was a first town after Ural mountains on the Tsar Road to Siberia. Now it’s just a very small village with just 75 people live there!

Perekop city in Crimea. Was always popular due to its strategic location on mountains in Crimea but was totally destroyed in 1920 due to conflinct in Russian Civil War. Doesn’t exist now at all.

Pustozersk city. Doesn’t exist now too. Was first Russian city inside Polar Circle. Was a strategic post in Siberia explroation. Was fully abandoned by 1962. Pity.

Tara town in Siberia. Has a population of 28,000 now.

Tobolsk city in Siberia. Was a central piece in Siberia exploration. As you can see from those pics it was a large city there. Was accepted as central city in Siberia in 15th,16th and 18th centuries.


Tobolsk again, it was a Siberia capital since 18th century – capital of Siberia Government – which was from Ural to Pacific Ocean. Since 19th century became less and less popular because of changes of trade routes etc. However oil and gas reserves of Siberia gave it new life. Now population is around 100,000.

Tura town. Now pretty much large village of 5,000 people.

Turukhansk town, now a village. Was a central trade post on a trade route. Now just a village of 4500 people. Lost its status of a city recently.

Tyumen city. Was a first Russian city in Siberia. It’s a big city now too – 700,000 people. Center and intersection of Siberian railways.

And the last bot not least Yakutsk city on the Lena river. Not the smallest town in Russia now too – 300,000 people. The biggest city in the world located in permafrost area.

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