0 Russian robot Fyedor going to fly a spaceship

Russian robot Fyedor going to fly a spaceship

Posted on April 9, 2017 by tim

Russian scientists announced that the new Russian spaceship called “Federation” would be piloted by.. a robot. They call him Fyedor. Russian top space engineer Evgeny Mikrin said that Fyedor is going to put first Federation spaceship on the Earth orbit.  The first planned robot manned mission is in year 2021. Robot Fyedor is already got a working prototype and it can do different tasks including walking, running, climbing and driving cars and also drilling holes. Let’s see some more photos and a video of Fyedor in business:

Here are a few Fyedors being tested. Some got legs, some don’t.

And here is a video about Fyedor:


Robot Fyedor is called “Robot Fyedor, cosmonaut assistant”. It can go into outerspace and spend there much more time than a normal person as it doesn’t need oxygen and don’t get exhausted easily.

Also starting year 2023 the Federation ships plan to start new series of Moon exploration missions.


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