2 Building Baikal-Amur Mainline in USSR

Building Baikal-Amur Mainline in USSR

BAM or Baikal Amur Mainline is a Soviet (now Russian) railway of over 4,000 km length. It runs north and in parallel to Trans-Siberian Railway in Siberia. The BAM cost estimated was $14 Billion but a lot of volunteers came
there to help participate in "construction site of the century". The special much more durable tracks were used due to the permafrost. Let's see a photo report from Soviet photographers on how it was constructed.

2 Only in Russia Photos, part 4

Only in Russia Photos, part 4

Another part of photos made in Russia. Funny, stupid,
crazy, awkward - you name it. Just enjoy browsing thru:

2 A concept of Russian KAMAZ truck

A concept of Russian KAMAZ truck

A new Russian KAMAZ truck concept gallery was published. Not
sure if they gonna build one of those for real or not.

0 24 year old Russian girl serves as a mayor of 1700 people town

24 year old Russian girl serves as a mayor of 1700 people town

This is Ksenia. She is only 24 years old but already got elected as a mayor in her local small town. After one year being in office she already solved many local problems:
repaired a hospital, found doctors who are willing to serve far from big cities, built a few children playgrounds, eliminated illegal dump sites and more.

11 Women working at LADA

Women working at LADA

A selection of women and young ladies working at the LADA
automotive factory. There are plenty of those, take a look at some:

3 Cats of Hermitage

Cats of Hermitage

Hermitage is one the largest and oldest museum in Europe. It's located in St. Petersburg. Was founded in 1700s by Russian Queen. With all those years it was growing in size adding more and more nearby historical buildings to its complex. Even the famous Tsar's Winter Palace - which was stormed during 1917 revolution is now also a
part of a Hermitage. It has vast underground complexes beneath it and those are inhabited by numerous cats. Russian blogger Commandante went there and took photos of cat inhabitans.  Cats are fully legal residents of this space. They have medicaments, food and other supplies stored for them by museum workers:

4 Harsh winters of Norilsk

Harsh winters of Norilsk

Norilsk is known for its harsh winters. Here on the photo above city thermometer shows -66 C and people
walking around. More photos of people surviving in this pretty big city during winters you can see below:

1 USSR in 1960s

USSR in 1960s

A pretty atmospheric series of photos of
USSR in 1960s. Worth checking out.

6 Russian aerobatics group Russkie Vityazi got new SU jets

Russian aerobatics group Russkie Vityazi got new SU jets

The "Russkie Vityazi (Russian Knights)" aerobatics crew is the most famous crew in Russia. Participated in hundreds of different airshows nationally and abroad. Now they
finally got brand new SU-30SM jets and were training to take part in a Malaysian airshow that will take place March 21-25 this year. Let's see their new birds.

0 Only in Russia part 3

Only in Russia part 3

Another part of photos that were made across Russia and capture different moments -
from funny to weird, from nice to interesting. Welcome inside to check them all.

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