4 Photos of Luxury Life of Kazakhstan Russian Hacker Arrested in Canada

Photos of Luxury Life of Kazakhstan Russian Hacker Arrested in Canada

Posted on March 31, 2017 by tim

On March 14, 22 year old Karim Baratov, a Kazakhstanian citizen, was arrested in Canada. He was charged with being affiliated with Russian hackers. He is charged with hacking over 500 million Yahoo and Google accounts in 2014. The details of his life are little known but photos of his life are plenty. Karim posing with nice cars, girls, nice houses, and more.

Karim was not shy in publishing it all online.

While many hackers try to hide this, he was publishing it openly.

He was calling himself “a hardworking man, random artist and gym resident”.

Many known hackers refuse to aknowledge that they knew Karim.

Karim is just 22 years old.

Now he is being charged.

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4 Responses to “Photos of Luxury Life of Kazakhstan Russian Hacker Arrested in Canada”

  1. tom bauer says:

    karim is idiot. now at 22 life is over.

  2. Mark Moon says:

    I hope he is segregated once he gets to prison. Otherwise he will be ass raped to death.

  3. Lumpy Gravy says:

    What a selfish, stupid prick! Apart from the possibly criminal origins of his wealth, what is one to think of someone with such a wasteful lifestyle when there’s so much misery almost everywhere these days? I do hope a short term behind bars will be an eye-opener to him and cure him from his sociopathic autism.

    But there’s another young person from Kazakhstan who is in every respect the very opposite of Karim Baratov. Her name is Alexandra Elbakyan and she is a true hero who deserves some special kind of Nobel Prize …


  4. RB says:

    No mention of the magnitude of the crime this guy pulled off. I mean he stole a lot of personal information. All of us no matter what country are affected by hacking even if you don’t own a computer or a cell phone.

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