8 Spy photos of Moscow in 1950s

Spy photos of Moscow in 1950s

Posted on March 23, 2017 by tim

Martin Manhoff was serving in USA embassy in Moscow in the beginning of 1950s. He was later deported from USSR under spy accusations. He was a photographer and was constantly photographing Moscow. We already had first part of his photographs and here is another one:


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8 Responses to “Spy photos of Moscow in 1950s”

  1. Alper says:

    First! First! First! :)))))

  2. john dudley says:

    Interesting photo’s.

  3. sszzrr says:

    These photos tell us why he was deported: not professional nor attractive.

  4. Douglas says:

    In these old photos we see a government that fears the people. This is what the USA has become in 2017.

  5. Papa Karlo says:

    Brutal… One of the high-rise buildings, they haven’t even finished the construction, but already installed enormous portraits of Lenin and Stalin on it. It would be impossible in any other country.

    Then, women doing hard manual labor on the road, brutal, too. And that was direct result of “gender equality” which was in effect in the Soviet Union since 1920s.

    According to the Soviet laws, everybody had to work, man or woman, otherwise you go to prison.

    • Cover me, Porkins! says:

      I can’t see your “point”, Karlo boy. According to US laws, everybody has to work, or you die of untreated illness and starvation.

      If you don’t like “gender equality”, you can always go to fanatic Utah, or to ‘friendly’ Saudi Arabia, where women are lashed in public if they dare to drive a car…

      Oh, I remember. You’re still living in 1931.

      • aRyan says:

        If you didn’t work in the USSR, you were labeled a “social parasite” and sent to the GULAG to be worked, frozen, starved or beaten to death. Your entire family was put under extreme suspicion and at least a few close family members would probably see the inside of the NKVD headquarters, the Lubyanka.

        While I believe that all able-bodied men should work, I believe it should work in different ways. The USSR would pick your job for you, and stuff you and your family into a tiny communal apartment, where you would live with literally 5+ other families. In the same apartment. If you missed too many days of work, your name would go on a list. If you didn’t report imaginary thought crimes about your neighbors, your name would go on a list. Since your neighbors probably already reported you, your name is probably on a list.

        I think that all able bodied men should work. If you are on welfare, then you should be assigned work, even if it is cleaning public parks, painting buildings, fences, cleaning up trash, etc. Women should be able to work if they so choose, but they should be shown with privileges, tax breaks, free government paid for gifts, etc. if instead they wanted to have children and raise them at home. The husband and father should be paid enough working his 40-50 hours a week that the wife and mother wouldn’t have to work.

        This is a much better system. It’s called National Socialism.

        • Ball Breaker says:

          If you didn’t work in Nazi Germany, you also were labeled a “social parasite” and sent to the Concentration Camp. Or to the Wehrmacht, to die in the many conflicts your Adolf lost.

          Women had to work, because the German men were dying fast, mostly in the Soviet front…

          If you happened to be from another ‘race’, you would be ‘legally’ harassed, beaten or killed.

          Lovely system. But it FAILED, terribly…

          Don’t worry. You have another 70 years to cry some more, ‘aryan’ boy.

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