2 Only in Russia Photos, part 4

Only in Russia Photos, part 4

Posted on March 21, 2017 by tim

Another part of photos made in Russia. Funny, stupid, crazy, awkward – you name it. Just enjoy browsing thru:


“Asphalt to pave road potholes”, so everyone can help himself instead of state.

Before Putin or other boss arrival to small cities they decorate bad looking houses with nice looking printed canvas.

Just spring.

Begging road police for mercy.

Looks like it’s on fire.

Just a children playground.

Different canned air for sale: air of “spent funds”, “air of Russian North” and more. Price $2.

Roller blading to school.

An apartment in St.Petersburg.


Mouse used as a handle to flush the toilet.

An elevator buttons panel needs some clarification.. Just because you are in Russia.

Walking barefoot is good for your health.

Flower pots.

-32 outside, gut running a scooter to job.

Normal Russian street.

A soldier NATO should be afraid of.

Reality always get nicer with some balloons.

This will do it. Pretty secure.

Shopping cart on a balcony. Just because.

A multitool in Russia.

Keep your kids occupied while mom is shopping.

Holy bird house.

Sponge Bob in Russia.

Guys dressed as Orthodox churches wearing gas masks. Russia.

Just a spring road.

And another one.

Aliens in Russia.

He was in a hurry.

Yes the trash can is just a feet away.

A basketball hoop.

How to secure your dog.

Just a Russian kid going to his pre-school.

Hope you liked this selection!


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2 Responses to “Only in Russia Photos, part 4”

  1. Douglas says:

    This is the difference between Russia and the USA. In Russia almost everyone knows about the corruption. In the USA the huge corruption is kept very secret.

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