21 How Russia looked during first ten years after USSR collapse: Tremendous Photos

How Russia looked during first ten years after USSR collapse: Tremendous Photos

Posted on March 21, 2017 by tim

A nice photo story on how Russia looked during first ten years after USSR collapsed. All Russia experienced in 1990s you can see on those photos and read those captions. Rich and poor. New and Old. Yeltsin and Putin. War in Chechnya and poor elders on Moscow streets – all of this in this photo story.

Thousands of Russian people carry new Russian flag in August, 1991.

Central city market in Petropavlovsk, Russia.

Russian tank leaves its post in front of Russian Government (it is burned after tanks shot it).

Cossack on a horse buys bottle of vodka, March, 1994.


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21 Responses to “How Russia looked during first ten years after USSR collapse: Tremendous Photos”

  1. p51d007 says:

    After the fall of communism, I figured it would take about 25 years for them to get on their feet. The biggest hurdle, would be those of the WW2 generation, who their whole lives, lived under the iron fist of communism, knowing how things were.
    With the “new” generation of Russian citizens, having more freedom is now what they are use to.

  2. Douglas says:

    The factories were given to the elite cronies of the former dictators and now they are the new boss. The common man is still just as poor as he always was….very little has really changed. Its a 3rd world country for white people.

  3. Polten Sepp says:

    This explains very good, why Putin is very popular in Russia today.

  4. Wabbit says:

    Boris, responsible for the economical genocide of old USSR…. destroying what was left for the NWO to succeed. Beware! Beware! Because its changes its name (to EU) it does not mean it will behave different.

  5. Stan says:

    [email protected] the yawning soldier.. and the one next to him thinking “wtf you on bro?”

  6. Papa Karlo says:

    American and Russian in a space station – very good illustration of what American and Russian smile look like. Russians never show their teeth when they smile for photos, only when they laugh.

    • Philip Jennings says:

      Americans smile even when they stab you in the neck.
      And that’s exactly what the US Gov was doing to Russia in those years.

  7. Papa Karlo says:

    That guy with picture of Stalin is NOT a WW2 veteran – he has not a single military order, only medals. Every WW2 veteran had at least order of Red star, most of them had Order of Great Patriotic War, which was given to all WW2 veterans in 1985, on 40th anniversary of victory. I haven’t seen real veterans holding portraits of Stalin.

    • Cover me, Porkins! says:

      Don’t be so afraid, Karlo boy. Stalin died more than 60 YEARS AGO!
      Perhaps you haven’t received those ‘news’, back in the dark and far away dimension you live.

  8. Douglas says:

    When the 1991 revolutionaries finally got their hands on some guns…things got real serious.
    When the government has all the guns, the people are helpless.

    • Mr. Brady says:

      When deranged nutjobs and crazy ass dimwits have all the guns, you have people and kids and ordinary folks shot ar schools and movie theaters for no reason.

      Life can be so boring…

      • Douglas says:

        The majority of those shootings have proven to be hoaxes to promote gun control. Sandy Hook being the most notorious and obvious hoax.

        • Mr. Brady says:

          Really? The deaths are real. The dead remain, well… dead. If you managed to find “undead” victims, please let us know.

          In the meantime, please keep shooting at yourselves when getting bored, ‘upset’, etc… Go ahead. No problem for me.

  9. Slaven says:

    I still wonder how come nobody ever killed those traitors yeltsin and gorbachev. May the burn in Hell forever.

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