0 24 year old Russian girl serves as a mayor of 1700 people town

24 year old Russian girl serves as a mayor of 1700 people town

Posted on March 20, 2017 by tim

This is Ksenia. She is only 24 years old but already got elected as a mayor in her local small town. After one year being in office she already solved many local problems: repaired a hospital, found doctors who are willing to serve far from big cities, built a few children playgrounds, eliminated illegal dump sites and more.

When talking to press she humbly says its not her merits but rather “people of the village worked all together to solve this”.


Ksenia was born here. She went to school very early – when she was five (normal age for school in Russia is seven). She graduated when she was 13. She went to law college in a big city right after.

At sixteen she returned back to her small town and started law practice.

“I wanted to bring people together” she says. “I could promise anything else than that, we don’t have much to promise here”.

She governs a population of over 1700 people. She manages to get funding from Moscow and regional centre for her town.

Before people were saying: “What this girl can do?”. Now same people come to her for help and to get an advice.

She is not married and when asked “Have you got Facebook or Instagram” she said “I have no time for all this”.

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