0 Interesting Story About MIR Space Station It’s Accidents, How It Was Almost Turned into a Sex Tourism Center and More

Interesting Story About MIR Space Station It’s Accidents, How It Was Almost Turned into a Sex Tourism Center and More

Posted on March 13, 2017 by tim

In year 1999 In Russia nobody wanted to accept the idea of abandoning the station. The search for a foreign investor began who could help upgrade the station. However no investors were found.

So this year the decision was made to withdraw all the crew members from the station and turn it into "automatic" mode. The reason was: "Absence of state funding".

In year 2000 American investor Walt Anderson agreed to invest first 20 million dollars into station. A MirCorp corporation was created as a venture to collect other investments and help to leave MIR station on its orbit. They had to find $200,000,000 for every year station had to stay in space. At first it seemed the mission was a success - a rich Brit appeared and said he would pay all this in exchange for his trip to space. He even started his training program in Zvezdny (Star) Gorodok (City) but the man had a reputation of a scammer in his native Wales and it proved to be right. When he was asked to start paying promised amounts he just left away.

Later some exotic ideas were tested to try collect necessary funds. For example it was stated that male reproductive system functions hundreds times more stronger in space so they wanted to send "sex tourists" to space to experience exotic sensations on MIR station. But this project failed too.

They tried to collect funds from Russian people too - but only a few small donations were made - mainly from elder people.

In year 2001 Russian government decides to flood the station in the ocean. Two special jets were chartered for every one wanting to see the show of burning debris falling down from the space somewhere in vast Pacific between New Zealand and coast of Chili. Tickets for these planes were at $10,000 price tag. That's how MIR ended.

However, the new ISS international station uses a lot of experience and inventions tested out at MIR and contributed by Russian part of the project.

ear 1998 also started with some problems with air conditioning. The temperature began to raise and reached + 32 C (90 F) by itself. Despite all the efforts they can get it down only to + 28 C.

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