2 Interesting Story About MIR Space Station It’s Accidents, How It Was Almost Turned into a Sex Tourism Center and More

Interesting Story About MIR Space Station It’s Accidents, How It Was Almost Turned into a Sex Tourism Center and More

Posted on March 13, 2017 by tim

USSR rejected the idea of manned flight to the moon but instead concentrated its space focused efforts on building a long term space home. The MIR station stayed over fifteen years on the Earth orbit instead of three as initially was planned. Over ninety people visited this place. It was called “great achievement of Russians”. Let’s see some more details on the famous space station. At one point it time it was even almost turned into a Sex Tourism center because male genitals work best in zero gravity. But let’s start from beginning..

It was launched February 20, 1986 for the first time. It was its first base module. The station was planned in such way that it could be upgraded with new modules with time being.

So here is a time chart of how it was developing. The first 1986 module was called “base block”. Then in 1987 a new module “Quant” was added. Quant became a “spacegate” for the MIR station. Then in 1989 a QUANT-2 was added. Then in 1990 a “Crystal” module appeared. In 1995 “Spectre” module was added and in 1996 “Priroda (Nature)” module was sent to MIR. This way it finally got its final well known space look with tens of solar panels and sections.

Photo made in 1988 on the MIR station.

First journalist travelled to MIR station in year 1990. He was making live air shows from the MIR space station on Japanese TV. However during first moments in space it was discovered he was suffering from a “space sickness”, a variation of motion sickness. So his flight wasn’t very productive. As someone explained: “zero gravity is a feeling that you are falling down, constantly, 24 hours a day you are falling, falling, falling”.

Same year an accident almost happened with MIR station: it almost collided with “PROGRESS” space ship – only a few meters separated two objects moving at speeds of 8 km per second.

Year 1992. Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev went to space station MIR from USSR to return one year later to another country – Russia.

That year a British woman Elen Sharman spent a week on an orbit. She won her country’s national contest among 13,000 participants and won her trip to MIR.

Year 1993. A huge “space sail” was deployed on MIR station. It was a part of experiment code named “FLAG – 2″. Russian scientists believed that they could reflect sunlight and lighten up dark places at night on the Earth. However because the eight panels that were in the “sail” didn’t open up fully the effect was much lesser than scientists projected and the dark areas in USSR that were planned to use reflected light weren’t getting enough of it.

Year 1994. This year another accident happened. SOYUZ TM-17 ship collided with the station while was leaving it.  Later it was discovered that the reason for the accident was an overload: cosmonauts returning home took too many “souvenirs” from the space station and their space ship lost maneuvirity ability.

Year 1995: In February American DISCOVERY shuttle arrived to MIR station. It brought a module that could facilitate NASA ships arrival to the Russian space home.


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