1 Travelling to Karelia 100 years ago

Travelling to Karelia 100 years ago

Posted on March 5, 2017 by tim

More relatives.


Two sisters – Efimia and Maria.

During the weekend, two friends – Alexei Seredin and Saikko Simo. Some people have Russian names – some people have Finnish names.

Olanga, view of the island.

Olanga, boat on the river.

Olanga, people wish farewell to the travellers.

Olanga, drying fish.

Olanga. A house owner and her barn.

Two Olanga sisters.

Hope you liked those photos!

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  1. Robert Norway says:

    Great Collection. I have many times been thinking about the huge forests of Karelia, what a hard life they must have had, and how much fantastic history must have been forgotten in all those lakes, marshes and forests.

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