1 First in Russia Black Legislator Wins 69% of the Votes

First in Russia Black Legislator Wins 69% of the Votes

Posted on March 5, 2017 by tim

Jean Greguar Jagbo is first ever in Russia black man who was elected to become a representative and a legislator. He was into local politics in Tver region and recently campaigned and became elected.


Jean won 68.9% of the people participating in elections.

Local Russian press was constantly comparing him with Barack Obama while his campaign lasted. He himself was rejecting this analogy.

Jean has already a few victories brought to his home region. He managed to build a road and find sponsors to build new central heating power plant.

Jean was born in Benin. His family was managing citrus plantations. He studied in USSR in 1980s. There he met his future wife. She was already married to a Russian, but divorced and married Jean later. They moved to her home Tver region where he almost thirty years later became an elected representative.

However before that he returned to his Benin country and got imprisoned there. He served a few years in prison and returned back to his Russian wife who already had a kid. When he tried to find her house – everyone seemed to be aware where she lives: “That girl with a black kid? Of course we know”.

Later he started business in Russia, selling shoes and other things. Also now he has some realty estate business in Moscow.

Pretty interesting life he got.


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One response to “First in Russia Black Legislator Wins 69% of the Votes”

  1. joe says:

    Yeah, good luck with that. What’s for those race cards!

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