5 The Soviet Bistro Fast Food Project that Never Became a Reality

The Soviet Bistro Fast Food Project that Never Became a Reality

Posted on March 3, 2017 by tim

In late 1980s when first American fast food started arriving to USSR. This could be an alternative for an American fast food joints. It’s called “Bistro” from a Russian word “fast”. It’s interior is in typical Soviet style and let’s see how it looked inside and what could be on the menu:



Another view of a Soviet Bistro Fast food from inside and outside.




And this is the proposed menu of Russian Cuisine Bistro. 1. Borsch, 2. Olivje salad, 3 Beef Stroganoff 4. Coffee

1. Schi Russian soup. 2. Salad “Vitamins” 3. Pelmenis (meat dumplings) 4. Kvas drink

Another menu combo: 1. Okroshka soup (made on base of kvas or kefir drink and raw vegetables). 2. “Summer” salad 3. Cutlet “Pozharski” between two buns. 4. Baikal drink

And one more menu 1. Solyanka soup 2. Vinegrete salad, 3. Kulebyaka pie and 4. Tea cup

Here are the sauces. Mustard, ketchup, mayonaisse, horseradish, sourcream

And those are proposed prices. In copeckas – 1/100s fractions of Russian ruble. In late 1980s official exchange rate was 1 rub to 1 usd.


These cafes never became a reality, though it might be pretty stylish, what do you think?


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5 responses to “The Soviet Bistro Fast Food Project that Never Became a Reality”

  1. Alain says:

    At the beginning of the 2000ies, there was a fast food named Russkoye Bistro. Seemingly it still exists, although I did not see any the last time I went to Moscow (2012). Among the problems it met, was some quality problem with the food sold (from what I heard then). But, definitely, the idea was great and could have been launched abroad, as an interesting alternative to American fast-foods…


  2. Kent_Diego says:

    The food looked good. Seems mass produced fast food at a reasonable would have been successful.

  3. ivan19th says:


    • Cover me, Porkins! says:

      For confused Amnerican kids, everything is “fake”. Including proven things and hard Science. Fun to watch.

  4. Slaven says:

    Looks very trendy and delicious. Better than artificial McDonalds IMO. Too bad gorbachev ruined everything.

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