6 Soviet Lithuania

Soviet Lithuania

Posted on February 28, 2017 by tim

Lithuania, or Lietuva as it’s being called inside the country, was a part of Soviet Union from 1945 to 1991. Now it is independent country. During Soviet reign the people of this country still were pretty hostile to other Soviet people and could show signs of discrimination for the tourists, like deliberately not speaking Russian with them even when everyone was speaking Russian and schools were in Russian language too. Let’s see how the country lived during USSR times:

Those photos are made by Lithuanian photographer Romuald Phozerskis.

His photos have been sold to many museums and collections across the world.

He himself now works as a professor in Lithuanian university.

He teaches young people art of photography and esthetics.

In 1972 he participated in rally against Soviet Union in Kaunas, Lithuania. He got arrested and after arrest decided to become a photographer, to bring a change.


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6 Responses to “Soviet Lithuania”

  1. A Lithuanian says:

    Lithuanians were not hostile towards other soviet people, but to towards the repressive regime as a whole. I personally have never heard stories of Lithuanians discriminating people from other soviet republics, so I think you guys are exaggerating. It is also interesting that you opened your post with a statement like that as if there was nothing more important to say.

    • Philip Jennings says:

      Really? Please explain the status of the ‘Russian’ people living in those countries. It will be interesting.

  2. Alain says:

    “was a part of Soviet Union from 1945 to 1991″ : euphemism to say “was annexed by Soviet Union between 1940 and 1991″. No wonder they were hostile towards Soviet people. I would have been, too…

    • Philip Jennings says:

      Well, “Alain”, seems that you’re hostile to Russian people no matter what they do. Like fighting back (and winning) against the Germans… Too bad the French couldn’t do the same thing.

      And now, cry some more…

  3. www says:

    Now Lithuania annexed by US, who build various military bases in Lithuania

    NATO military for the past two years were the culprits in dozens of episodes of disturbance of public order and did not suffer for his criminal acts of punishment.

    Since last year, the US military after drinking alcoholic beverages ransacked in one of the water parks in Lithuania, where the rest civilians with children.

    The same is true in Latvia

    In November, a drunken British soldiers beat Latvian right in the restaurant building in the center of Riga.

    Last year, British soldiers in Latvia accused in the fact that they are drunk dancing on the roof of the taxi. The British and the driver not paid the money for damages. The criminal case has yet to be investigated.

    In 2015, the American military was responsible for the accident in Latvia, which resulted in the serious injury was a Russian citizen Vasily Gryazin. Pentagon urgently brought his soldier from Latvia and is now helping to break away from the court. The Russian did not receive compensation from the American side of the injuries.

    And many other episodes.

  4. Darius says:

    Hmm… Yes, from time to time there are incidents with foreign military personel. Most of them involve alcohol. But the amount of the incidents is like 1:10000 comparing to how many crimes are committed by Lithuanians that live and work abroad.
    BTW do not forget that Lithuania is in NATO since 2004. Lithuanian special forces (SOF Squadron “Aitvaras”) was doing NATO missions in Afghanistan and the more ordinary military forces were helping to rebuild in the province of Ghor.
    During the beginning of the Ukraine war one Russian politicians said this about Lithuania (because it supports the Ukrainian side): it is not riding in the NATO/US train, it is running in front of it! Which I think is quite accurate. There are Lithuanians that are not fascinated by NATO (mostly the US part), but a much much bigger part can’t wait until NATO will help to fortify the Lithuanian defense potential in all possible ways (they believe so).

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