1 Mi-8 the Hardworking Norther Helper Helicopter

Mi-8 the Hardworking Norther Helper Helicopter

Posted on February 27, 2017 by tim

Mi-8 is the most widespread and used helicopter in Russian Northern areas. Thousands people would suffer from hunger and cold if those steel machines won’t be coming to them each day to deliver foods, medicines, gas and transport people. Some Russian Northern villages are even sending kids to school via helicopter each day! Let’s see a few nice shots by Sergey who went to one Northern area and saw those Polar Mi-8s:

That’s a typical Russian Northern Mi-8. Its propeller blades are covered with tarps to prevent them from catching ice.

Local dogs at every village are happy when a helicopter arrives as pilots and passengers might have treats for them.

The pilots who work there – elite Russian men often, who passed various hard exams to get into flying schools. At some places there is up to 25 person per 1 available spot, so they choose the best of the best both physically and mentally trained and tested.

Flights going on all short day long as many places needed to be visited during short Polar winter days.

Sometimes those helicopters have to fly above the Northern Seas.

Same Mi-8s but in military versions are widely used by Russian army and before were used by Soviet army for example in Afghanistan.


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