10 Foreign cars on Russian streets in 1980s

Foreign cars on Russian streets in 1980s

Posted on February 27, 2017 by tim

In USSR seeing a foreign car on Russian streets was sort of a one-to-million occurence especially if it was with foreign plates. So no wonder many of those encounters were photographed as something out of this world to show friends or even future children. So thanks to this we have some photos made by Soviet people when they saw a foreign car. Like this photo selection by one unnamed photographer. Let’s see what he saw besides this VW mini van above.


A Mercedes E, “Last true Mercedes”

Another Mercedes

One more

Nissan Patrol


This is probably a Ford Sierra next to the Kremlin.

A VW Golf woth a rarity too.

What’s this? A Fiat probably?


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10 Responses to “Foreign cars on Russian streets in 1980s”

  1. fundaluk says:

    The car on the 12th picture is a Polski Fiat 126 – it was produced in Poland for the Eastern European market. And the car on the 18th picture is a Trabant (made in East Germany). The number plate on the Trabant is Hungarian. It could be a big adventure to travel from Hungary to Moscow in a Trabant. Its maximum speed was 100 km/h.

  2. Tomasz K. says:

    This is a Fiat 126p. It was very popular in Poland for nearly 20 years, first introduced in 1973.

  3. James S says:

    Ford Escort next to Kremlin. Sierra is curved.

  4. Stan says:

    Truck is not a Kamaz, its a Mercedes – and its from Serbia, Belgrade.

  5. Marc says:

    I’d say that:
    1. VW Transporter
    2. BMW E34
    3. Mercedes Benz w124
    4. Mercedes Benz W124 Wagon
    5. Mercedes Benz W124 Coupe
    6. Nissan Patrol
    7. Toyota Camry
    8. Fiat Ritmo
    9. Ford Escort
    10. Renault 9
    11. VW Golf
    12. Fiat 126
    13. Renault 11
    14. Volvo 344
    15. Fiat 131
    16. GMC semi trailer
    17. Mercedes Benz truck
    18. Trabant
    19. Nissan Cedric
    20. Unimog truck
    21. Mercedes Benz w123
    22. Oldsmobile Omega
    23. Volvo 740
    24. Mercedes Benz W201

  6. Agent Z says:

    What’s this? A Fiat probably? That’s a Polski Fiat 126p
    What is this? An Opel? – Trabant 601, made in DDR, it has hungarian plates

  7. Pubsik says:

    The “Opel” is no Opel, its a “Sachsenring Trabant”. It was the Standardcar in Eastgermany.

  8. fabrizio caciuffo says:

    this is a Fiat 127 ! first I see a Fiat Ritmo

  9. NeoVg says:

    “What is this? An Opel?” (http://media.englishrussia.com/newpictures/Fishing_in_the_North//104321/179092/0_1c9600_c13388d5_orig.jpg)

    *loooool* Almost! xD It’s a Trabant, made in Eastern Germany / DDR.

  10. tom says:

    it’s polish Fiat 126p

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