5 Very Rare Soviet Porsche – Zaporozhets ZAZ Sport 900

Very Rare Soviet Porsche – Zaporozhets ZAZ Sport 900

Posted on February 24, 2017 by tim

This car could become a Soviet Porsche. It was called “Sport 900″ and developed in Soviet Union during 1957-1965. Only six of those were built. Let’s see how it looked, what it was about and more:



The most parts were taken from a popular consumer ZAZ Zaporozhets Soviet car. The engine as you see on the pic above was placed in rear part of the car (like Porsche!).


It had very original design, especially back in 1963.

It had two seats ahead and two small seats in the back.

The designers were hoping that Soviet party would allow them to send this car into mass production but it never happened and only a few of cars survived till our time.

The front console was turned to the driver like we could see later in many more contemporary cars. It was sort of the designer find of the Soviet designers.

You could easily imagine how it could be a cabrio version.

Here is a one car that is planned to be restored.


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5 Responses to “Very Rare Soviet Porsche – Zaporozhets ZAZ Sport 900”

  1. Lipto says:

    I could see this as a kit car selling thousands of units.

    Got carbon fiber?

    I have an 1800cc, shaft-drive, fuel injected, electronic (advanced) ignition powerpack that would make this a Jaguar XKE.

  2. john dudley says:

    Amazing some are still around, it is interesting to see.Thanks for the pic’s.

  3. Cavejohnson says:

    Any one know where the 2nd car is?

  4. Cavejohnson says:

    Look at the licence plate of the pink car in the first picture of this post lol

  5. Manicmechanic71 says:

    Please publish pictures of the car when its restored, its a great little car!

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