1 Russian Pacific Tank Biathlon Race 2017

Russian Pacific Tank Biathlon Race 2017

Posted on February 20, 2017 by tim

This year Russian Pacific gets  tank training. Formally they do this to get prepared for a “Tank Biathlon”  event later this year. Tank biathlon is a race and shoot thing, but instead of skis they use tanks. This is a fifth annual contest between tank crews of Russia and nearby countries.  Only twenty crews from all Russia need to be selected so here the tankers compete to be marked as a best crew and represent Russia in Tank Biathlon 2017. Let’s see some pics:

This is Russian Far East Army Commander general Asapov.

T-72B1 tanks ready for the rally.

Tank crew consists of three people: officer, driver and marksman, all proffesional soldiers.

The length of this tank race is 7 km.

Tank biathlon is like normal biathlon – racing and shooting.


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  1. john dudley says:

    The general look’s like Gene Hackman the actor. Great drone pic’s, cool to see tank’s.

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