2 Russian TU-144 supersonic passenger jet in Monino museum Moscow

Russian TU-144 supersonic passenger jet in Monino museum Moscow

Posted on February 19, 2017 by tim

Here is a trip to Moscow Monino air museum where is the one of a few fully surviving TU-144s ultra sonic jets. Let’s see it upclose.

Sign says “exhibit is being rebuilt”

Here is its tail.

Despite same time French Concord was beint built, the Tu-144 was first supersonic passenger jet to take a flight.

Hard to capture the whole plane in one frame.

Here is a photo review “before” “after” – how it’s going to be restored.

Now going up to the inside of plane.

From the doorway the other exhibits of the museum can be seen.

Here is a “Black Box” recording everything happening aboard of the plane.


More seats.

Air conditioning.

Selicagel sacks to prevent moisture from inside of the plane that is being restored.

End of the plane – another door.

And a tail.

View from the tail door. You can see the TU-144 engines.

You can’t take a nice shot – half of a frame is occupied by a huge Tu-144 wing.

More selicagel sacks.

Seats being restored.

On board kitchen being restored too.

“First class” seats.

And a view of the whole plane from the first class.

Tips collected to get help restore a plane.

Emergency exit.

More first class VIP seats.

And here is a cockpit.

Steering wheel with control buttons.

You can see the leather seats.

Second pilot work place.

Technician work place.

And here is the door again, preparing to exit.

This was a second, forward “wing” which helped to steer the plane more easily.

Landing gears.

The forward gear is pretty huge (tall).

There is a gap between stairs and door so all visitors had to “jump out” from the door.

More gears.

And here the photographer stands below the Tu-144 wing. Also here is a MiG-29 ahead which got fell down because some vandals cut the gears.

Hope you liked this gallery!


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2 Responses to “Russian TU-144 supersonic passenger jet in Monino museum Moscow”

  1. john dudley says:

    It is gratifying to see the TU 144 being fixed up, to bad the government doesn’t pay for the bill for all of the repair’s, i commend the people who spend the time an effort in looking after the aircraft that you have there at the museum.True piece of history you have there.

  2. Mr Eddy says:

    The only way it will be restored is if it’s donated to a museum that has the resources for such a project. More than likely it will get a Buran style “restoration” treatment.

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