2 Interplanetary Revolution 1924 Soviet Cartoon

Interplanetary Revolution 1924 Soviet Cartoon

Posted on February 15, 2017 by tim

So the fabula is as follows: 1924 Soviet cartoon about space mission to Mars to eliminate capitalism. Pretty weird stuff to watch!




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2 Responses to “Interplanetary Revolution 1924 Soviet Cartoon”

  1. L. Tuggle says:

    Interesting that in 1924, when Hitler was still in jail and the young (1920) Nazi party was very small and falling apart, that in this cartoon the swastika (and Christian cross) was used as a symbol for the villains. It is seen in several places in the film. Was the Comintern already seeing the Nazis as the enemy of the future this early? Fascinating question.

  2. Matthew Heyns says:

    Soviet conquers all. Down with capitalist pigs and middle class. Long live serfs and Soviet elite!

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