1 Soviet soldiers as seen by German artist

Soviet soldiers as seen by German artist

Posted on February 13, 2017 by tim

German artist has seen Soviet soldiers in 1920s-1940s and made his artistic work depicting them. A nice view on the Red Army from the other side. Let’s see a few of his works. The one on top is a junior lieutenant of air force in 1943. Before 1940s the Soviet Army officers didn’t have shoulder straps and used only sleeve stripes as you would see on the next pics.

Cavalryman in winter uniform, 1944.

Infantryman in 1945.

Mortar soldier 1945.

Infantryman in 1945.

Army traffic controller lady in 1945.

Cossack from Don in 1945. Is it a head of the enemy attached to his horse saddle??

Navy sailor in 1945.

Corporal sapper in 1945.

Cuban cossacks captain in 1945.

And now more “ancient” unifroms, out of 1920s. This one is army political commissar from 1921.


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  1. john dudley says:

    Great drawing’s,thank’s for posting them, most interesting to see.

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