3 Russian Girl Has a Meerkat Semen as a Pet

Russian Girl Has a Meerkat Semen as a Pet

Posted on February 8, 2017 by tim

One of Russian families got a strange pet – an African meerkat they call “Semen” (as of Russian name Semyon). Olesya, the owner, even made a separate room for her pet. Meerkats are small but still are carnivorous predators so they have to be treated with cautiossness. Let’s see more of the Semen inside:

Semen is on special diet: raw or boiled chicken and also avocados. Semen has a strange habit, he is fond of looking inside of someones mouth.

Besides a meerkat the family has a dog. Dog is still not got used to the new pet. It’s afraid and tries to hide whenever Semen is around.

In Africa meerkats are used to fight mice and snakes inside the houses. The family doesn’t have snakes or mice so they feed chicken to the animal.

Did you like Semen?

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3 Responses to “Russian Girl Has a Meerkat Semen as a Pet”

  1. CCCP says:

    “Did you like Semen?”

    That phrase is… emmm well, quite embarrassing, don’t you think? XD

  2. Floydr says:

    “Let’s see more of the Semen inside”. Instructions unclear, dick stuck in a fan

  3. KLD says:

    Lord, that poor meerkat must have been teased relentlessly as a kid growing up.

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