3 Russian Girl Has a Meerkat Semen as a Pet

Russian Girl Has a Meerkat Semen as a Pet

Posted on February 8, 2017 by tim

One of Russian families got a strange pet – an African meerkat they call “Semen” (as of Russian name Semyon). Olesya, the owner, even made a separate room for her pet. Meerkats are small but still are carnivorous predators so they have to be treated with cautiossness. Let’s see more of the Semen inside:

Semen is on special diet: raw or boiled chicken and also avocados. Semen has a strange habit, he is fond of looking inside of someones mouth.

Besides a meerkat the family has a dog. Dog is still not got used to the new pet. It’s afraid and tries to hide whenever Semen is around.


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3 Responses to “Russian Girl Has a Meerkat Semen as a Pet”

  1. CCCP says:

    “Did you like Semen?”

    That phrase is… emmm well, quite embarrassing, don’t you think? XD

  2. Floydr says:

    “Let’s see more of the Semen inside”. Instructions unclear, dick stuck in a fan

  3. KLD says:

    Lord, that poor meerkat must have been teased relentlessly as a kid growing up.

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