10 Photos of Leningrad Under Siege

Photos of Leningrad Under Siege

Posted on February 3, 2017 by konst4


Back in 73, 27 January 1944, as a result of the operation “The January Thunder” the siege of Leningrad which lasted 900 days has been completely removed. As a result of starvation, severe frosts and bombings in the besieged Leningrad from 400 thousand to 1.5 million people died. Look at the photos, which were taken by the Nazis in the besieged city.


Leningradites clean the streets of the city after the first blockade winter. March 8, 1942.



Two Soviet soldiers and a resident of besieged Leningrad harvested cabbage harvest in the garden of the St. Isaac’s Cathedral. September 1, 1942.


Anti-tank hedgehogs and barricades close all entrances to the city of Leningrad.


An elderly woman carries an emaciated from hunger man on a sled.


Children sit near the stone wall. October 1, 1942.


Blockade bread and bread cards in the museum of baking.


Typical blockade ad.


Residents of the frontline villages build fortifications. July 1941.


Leningradites during the evacuation sit on the boat. 1942.


Gunners-aircraft gunners are watching in one of the Leningrad areas.


Near the standpipes installed at the corner of Dzerzhinskaya street and Zagorodny Prospekt.


In the spring on the “Road of Life” on Lake Ladoga.


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10 Responses to “Photos of Leningrad Under Siege”

  1. Tshuhna says:

    ” Look at the photos, which were taken by the Nazis in the besieged city.”
    Photos were taken by soviets.

    • ThatDeafGuy says:

      Highly unlikely because if the photos was taken by the Nazis, why are these people still alive? They’d been shipped to death camps. Rebuilding efforts belongs to Hitler’s directed architects. He doesn’t trust anyone else to build his dream world.

  2. fundaluk says:

    Respect for the residents of Leningrad. They were real heroes.

  3. Marcin Zaniewski says:

    soviet propaganda

  4. A.Oscar says:

    Citizens of Leningrad; was a very good people which help for winning the war against Germany. After all Russia have had been invaded by the French and Germany twice, and now again from NATO and USA. Sometimes wondering with so many wars; the aggressors never learning even by had been losing all the wars. Humans are he worse creatures on Earth, killing most animals which many kinds extents now, this time may could vanish all humans with stupidity .Still in today way of life thousands suffering from another aggressions and many without any hopes to continue living. Why humans are so stupid with so many aggressions, and the ones thinking be the winners also dying after the wars it’s finish. From be old or sick of something.

  5. alessio says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics

  6. tom bauer says:

    what a childhood

  7. L. Tuggle says:

    Picture on page 4 of “Gunners- anti-aircraft gunners” is actually of a set of large mechanical “ears” to listen for approaching aircraft. Radar was still high-tech and rare. These units were similar to the “ear trumpets” once used by deaf people and used as early as the First World War.

  8. Robert Normann says:

    Thank God I have never experienced war, but nowadays with how the western main stream media are portraying Russia, one could think someone want it to happen again. Look at what the thug Poroshenko are doing in Donbas and those areas with western support, its really sickening. Lets hope for peace as long as possible.

  9. RB says:

    I cant believe how much Russians have suffered in the last hundred years.

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