4 Tupolev Legendary Aircrafts

Tupolev Legendary Aircrafts

Posted on February 1, 2017 by marina

Tupolev Experimental Design Bureau has developed more than 300 aircrafts for 95 years of work. About 50 of them went into mass production. Strategic bombers Tu-160 and TU-95, the legend of civil aviation – Tu-144, the massive Soviet  passenger jet Tu-154 and its modern replacement Tu-204/214 became the most popular.

1. In the town of Zhukovsky there is a flight-test and a base PSC “Tupolev”. There is an airfield “Ramenskoye” with Europe’s largest runway 5500 meters long. Every two years the International Aviation and Space salon MAKS hosts in Zhukovsky.


2. The supersonic strategic bomber-rocket carrier Tu-160 was developed in the Tupolev Design Bureau in the late 1970s. According to NATO classification it is known as Blackjack. Domestic pilots call it the “White Swan”.

3. Tu-160 is the heaviest (maximum takeoff weight 275 tons) and the fastest (up to 2230 km/h) serial bomber in the world.

4. Rocket carrier with variable geometry of the wing was designed as a Soviet response to the American Intercontinental bomber B1.

5. The first flight of the prototype Tu-160 took place at the airfield “Ramenskoye” on December 18, 1981.

6. Tu-160 is lifted in the air by four engines NK-32, located in pairs on both sides of the fuselage. Power unit of Tu-160 (total thrust thousands of 100 kg/s) is the most powerful among all existing aircrafts in the world in this class.

7. Competitors of Tupolev Aircrafts in creating a new strategic bomber were the Sukhoi Design Bureau and Myasishchev Design Bureau.  However, the project was eventually entrusted to Tupolev DB: it already had had vast experience used during the creation of the supersonic airliner Tupolev Tu-144.

8. The most of Tu-160’s now have their own names. Presented at the photo one of the first mass-produced boards is named after the test pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union Boris Veremeev. It was he who raised to the sky the very first Tu-160 in December 1981.

9. Today, the Russian Air Force has a dozen of Tu-160.

10. The Russian Ministry of Defense expects to order around fifty modernized bombers from a domestic aviation industry.


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4 Responses to “Tupolev Legendary Aircrafts”

  1. KLD says:

    One of my fave airframes ever is the Bear (TU-95). Hard to believe that it was designed in 1950. And the Concordski… 55,000 lbs thrust per engine. Wow! Developed in ’70s. Man, time flies! Literally in this case.

    • RB says:

      I like the story about how the props make so much noise the US can track it over the ocean with sonar. One thing for sure Russia makes bad ass stuff that flies. My son is autistic and he is infatuated with helicopters. I have watched thousands of hours of Helicopter videos with him and we both love the Sikorsky documentaries.

  2. john dudley says:

    Again, more great photo’s of great design’s of Russian aircraft.

  3. Mike says:

    Tu-144, intolerably noisy and uncomfortable interior for passengers, never a commercial success. Bear’s props are supersonic, so also incredibly noisy plane, wonder if the crew is deaf after a few years.

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