3 Russian Navy Unique Project: Two-Person Mini  Submarine Called Triton

Russian Navy Unique Project: Two-Person Mini Submarine Called Triton

Posted on January 30, 2017 by tim

Soviet Union had some uber cool things. For example this mini navy submarine “Triton-1M” which could seat two and only 32 of such were released. They could stealthy carry you on an underwater journey whenever comrade admiral sends you. Straight out of some unreleased Bond movie! See photos, thanks to Russian blogger Oleg here:

This one hasn’t survived till now, but out of other 32 it’s hard to say where are the others. Maybe an oligarch or two have some of those refurbished and waiting in their private garages in case of emergency escape need arises.

That’s how it looked while in the water.


This one is better looking one.

And here is a piece of the blueprint survived.

And yet one more sub that is in a good shape. Where other 29, it’s still unknown!


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3 Responses to “Russian Navy Unique Project: Two-Person Mini Submarine Called Triton”

  1. john dudley says:

    Those mini subs are to cool .

  2. chai says:

    I confess, this is a ‘new one’, for me, and I have studied much on the WWII mini and microsubs.

    It appears to be an infiltration device, with an explosive likely place by hand by the operator.

    (Great overview at wikipeidia at : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_torpedo

    Short-ranged, under-powered, even in modest tides and currents, one cannot help but admire the brave pilots.

    That they may seem a useless device can be easily contained when you seek just a bit of their history.

  3. anastasios says:

    Well,in Hawai there are still 2man Japanees submarines from WW2.
    Find in internet.

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