5 Awesome Soviet Historical Photos

Awesome Soviet Historical Photos

Posted on January 27, 2017 by tim

Here we have an awesome selection of Soviet historical photographs. It both have photos from the birth of the Soviet State and then thru all its later periods, telling the stories of mothers and fathers of current Russian citizens, how they lived, what they saw etc. Let’s start!

Young workers conscript into Red Army in 1941.

Russian kids in legendary Artek camp in Crimea.

Vladimir Lenin talking to famous British author Herbert Wells in his office.

This man destroyed nine Nazi tanks in one day.

Joseph Stalin watches pioneer parade on the Red Square.

76.2 mm canons made in 1909 in the Red Army, 1925.

Captured Nazi officers having a dinner in Soviet camp.

Tractors in Moscow, 1929.

Soviet workers arrive to the resort for a rest, 1939.

Mayday parade in the destroyed Staliningrad, 1943. You can see a captured German plane in the front.

Soviet car desginer together with his prototype.

Results of a lottery, someone wins 50,000 roubles.

IL-18 with Gagarin on board convoyed by four more planes en route to Moscow.

Russian army in Kaunas, Lithuania, 1940.

Russian Moskvich-408 cars pass thru the Afghanistan village during 1968 London-Sydney rally. Russian team was the only one who reached Sydney without losing one single car.

Famous Soviet actor and singer Vysotski signs posters after the concert.

Russian cosmonaut Leonov drawing his space art “Cosmonaut above the Read Sea”.

Gorbachev and Reigan at Regains raunch in Santa Barbara, 1992.

Red Army in Khabarovsk, Far East, 1930s.

Traffic controller in Moscow, 1930s.

Soviet coal miners having a “Masletnnitsa” day.

Soviet people spending time at home. 1980.

Soviet people sun bathing, 1960.

“Arbat” restraunaut in Moscow, 1974.

Women at the Black Sea.

Kalinina avenue in Moscow, 1977.

Wedding in Russian village, 1970.

Yalta, Crimea, 1983.

Young man gets accepted to Communist party, 1966.

Soviet people having a cruise around Europe in 1958. Playing chess on board.

At the black sea, 1972.

Helicopter in Yalta, Crimea, 1978.

Stalin monument at Moscow exhibition, 1947.

Moscow, 1960.

Collecting ripe tomatoes in Moscow region, summer 1950.

Leningrad city market, 1970.

Father and son having launch at workplace, son tell his school news, 1965 Russia.

Russian poet Marschak with Soviet schoolchildren, 1962.

Russian Elbrus mountain, 1969.

Soviet airplane constructors and inventors Tupolev (TU planes) and Ilyushin (IL planes).

Soviet actor in his car, 1967.

Main entrance of the Moscow State University, 1953.

Russian poet Mayakovski, 1929.

Russian women collect roses 1952.

Stalin’s stadium, Moscow, 1934.

Moscow “supermarket” 1966.

“Riga” supermarket in Minsk, Belarus, 1987.

Shooting Soviet classic movie Moscow doesn’t believe in tears 1979.

Soviet models in Moscow, 1969.

Che Guevara at Moscow pool, winter 1960.

Road control post in Moscow, 1980.

Gagra resort, Georgia, USSR, 1951.

Russian famous director with two famous actors in 1977.

NizhneKamsky tire factory, 1977.

Moscow exhibition 1959.

IL-18 goes to Moscow park to be placed at 1977.

Abhazia, beach tram going between the beach and the hotels. 1973.

Soviet people at Evpatoria beach in Crimea, 1974.

Kiev, Ukraine, in the store, 1949.

One millionth ZiL car.

Soviet workers having lunch at BAM construction – transsiberian rail road.

Normal Soviet family, 1954.

Calculators for sale at Soviet shop, 1977.

Ambulance car, Leningrad, 1980s

Destruction of Moscow main church in 1931.

TU=144 first show 1972.

Lithuania, Palanga resort, 1977.

Soviet record player 1975.

Galina with his daughter Mila (future Mila Yovovich), Kiev, USSR, 1976.

ZiL ambulance car, 1965.

Symphonic orchestra playing in Moscow.

Robert De Niro in Moscow, 1987.

Soviet ad for a electric shaver, 1960s.

“American Mountains” or roller coaster in Leningrad, 1935.

Soviet people on yacht, 1963.

Tram in Tbilisi, Georgia, 1960s.

Children getting a ride, Vologda, 1950s.

Stalin square, Kiev, Ukraine, 1948.

Mini TV set made in Belarus, USSR, 1975.

Hope you enjoyed those photos!


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5 Responses to “Awesome Soviet Historical Photos”

  1. john dudley says:

    Fantastic photo’s, i really enjoyed looking at them all, cool to see all those people from the past doing there thing.

  2. KLD says:

    Milla jovovich, very cool. Is that her dad or mom? You said he in the picture, looks like a she.

  3. Floydr says:

    Caution: may contain pictures of mass murderers

  4. Jim Philopena says:

    “Gorbachev and Reigan at Regains raunch in Santa Barbara, 1992.”

    Really? Reagan

  5. Adolfo Camara says:

    Loved the mini-tv.

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