8 Moscow Photographed by American in 1952 1954

Moscow Photographed by American in 1952 1954

Posted on January 25, 2017 by tim

Rare unpublished before color photos of Moscow photographed in 1952-1954 by an American attache.  Streets of Moscow, Leningrad, Murmansk and other Russian cities in full color.


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8 Responses to “Moscow Photographed by American in 1952 1954”

  1. john dudley says:

    Alway’s interesting photo’s to look at.

  2. KLD says:

    Page 2, second photo… What is the street made of that the little girl is standing on? Were the streets of the old Soviet cities all paved like in the US or were some dirt, gravel, etc.?

  3. Douglas says:

    Photo # 10….Can anyone ID it?

  4. Philipp says:

    I think it’s Ostankino Palace (Moscow)

    • Douglas says:

      thanks friends for the correct ID. The surrounding grounds look raw in this photo. Its being restored at this time [2017]. The palace itself is made of wood which is said to be unusual for such a grand structure.

  5. Tom says:

    Are these color prints or color slides ?

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