2 Moscow in Early 1920s

Moscow in Early 1920s

Posted on January 25, 2017 by tim

Let’s see photos of old Moscow in early 1920s. At this time Moscow was almost like it was before the 1917 Revolution because serious new construction and reconstruction has begun only in 1930s. Despite some old buildings were removed and some new were already built the city still looked like during the Russian Empire. Let’s see.

The Kremlin.

Boats parked near the Kremlin.

First Lenin mausoleum construction.

Mayday 1925.

ANT-9 plane on the Red Square.

Morning mass excercise in the Kremlin.


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2 Responses to “Moscow in Early 1920s”

  1. Papa Karlo says:

    Truly depressing… A lot of these people have been murdered… And most of these buildings destroyed.

  2. Papa Karlo says:

    “Morning mass excercise in the Kremlin.”
    It’s definitely not Kremlin, in the Kremlin there is no such huge open space, and never has been. The place in the photo would occupy half of the Kremlin. It is some stadium, maybe the Moscow Hippodrome?

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